NAU Science & Health Building

NAU Science & Health Building
Northern Arizona University (NAU)
EMC Role

Project Overview

The Northern Arizona Science and Health Building was a ground up new construction structure which included classrooms, lecture halls and specialty laboratories. EMC performed as a subcontractor for M.A Mortenson Construction. This project had many inherent restrictions mainly due to the lack of room at the site. The work EMC performed included general over-excavation and basement excavation which was all completed as other trades started the building. EMC was able to coordinate our efforts to balance the need of production but also accommodate these subs as well as the overall project. Also included with EMC scope of work were utilities such as domestic and reclaimed water, sewer as well as chilled water systems. EMC dug and installed a 10’X10 precast tunnel system which included 3 vaults with sump discharge systems. This projects storm drain system was a series of underground detention tanks. EMC installed the (2) 70’ X12’ diameter tanks and completed he discharge system with a series of pumps and controls. EMC finished up the project by completing the site paving as well as improvements to the adjacent pedway.

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