EMC's Community Involvement

Flagstaff Unified School District

"Eagle Mountain Construction and the Johanson family have been integral in this relationship for more than a decade. Keith Johanson, VP of EMC, has donated many hours of labor and the use of their construction equipment to our schools in an attempt to upgrade our facilities. For example, EMC assisted Knoles Elementary School in constructing a walkway for their students in the Sinagua Heights subdivision. We needed to improve the facility for the Teenage Parent Program (TAPP) and were able to initiate that project when EMC prepared the lot for the foundation. Most recently, in an attempt to increase the security at the campus of Coconino High School, EMC was responsible for the first stages of construction for a house to be built on site. In addition, we were also able to coordinate with the Construction Technologies program at CHS to spearhead the TAPP and CHS projects. This might not have been possible without the donation from Keith Johanson and crew."

Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation

"During the last ten years the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation (RMEF) has led the way in assisting the Arizona Game & Fish Department in hauling water and upgrading critical wildlife waters. In 2002 RMEF joined forces with the Arizona Game & Fish and local contractors delivering water to more than 30 tanks through out the state. The RMEF was the chief contributor and with volunteer help from local businesses like Eagle Mountain Construction that year alone delivered many thousands gallons of water and provided hundreds of hours of work keeping the water flowing. In fact, during the peak of the drought Eagle Mountain Construction and other volunteers from our Flagstaff Chapter hauled at their own expense an incredible 142,000 gallons of water in one 24-hour period! Eagle Mountain Construction has been a long standing supporter of the RMEF and the AZ Game & Fish and has spent many hours working for wildlife and there wild places.”

Walnut Canyon

"Since 1986 I along with Sheriff Joe Richards have headed a team of volunteers dedicated to clean the Walnut Canyon Area in Flagstaff of trash. Over a 15 year period we pulled out approximately 20 abandoned vehicles and literally over 7 dump truck loads of beer bottles and cans. During this time period and in conjunction with the US Forest Service and the Arizona Department of Game & Fish we place three separate wildlife water feeders in the Walnut Canyon Area. EMC was instrumental in all these endeavors throughout the years. Whenever called upon for assistance they jumped at the opportunity to assist the community. Often times the owner himself, Mr. Keith Johanson, would drive big rigs, front loaders, etc on Saturday and Sundays to assist us and the various governmental agencies. Never would they accept remuneration always donating their time, services and equipment as a free service! Their spirit and hard work always was impressive, and without EMC the Walnut Canyon Area would not be the pristine & clean wilderness that it is today available for both young and old to enjoy with all its natural beauty and wildlife. Our deepest thank you to such a great group of professionals at EMC!"

Northern Arizona University IceJacks

EMC and the Johanson's have long been involved with NAU IceJacks programs, and have helped it develop into what it has become today. After many years at the head coach position, Keith Johanson has handed over the reins to his son, Travis Johanson, one of EMC's Employees.