The Grove at Flagstaff

The Grove at Flagstaff
Campus Crest Development
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EMC was contracted for all the site work including over Ex building pads and grade for new parking lots. For a total of 8000 CY of dirt. Install all the water and sewer mainline and services which included 1100’ LF of water and 500’LF of Sewer, tying into existing utilities in existing paved streets while keeping access to traffic.

We also installed 7,000 LF of Curb & Gutter, 27,050 SF of sidewalk and 15,722 SF of Asphalt. Challenges included starting and working through winter and coordinating site access with multiple other subs. The owner had deadlines for occupancy for college students prior to start of the next semester of school. EMC worked overtime man hours to accommodate this schedule with several delays due to other subs. But overall the contractor was happy for our effort in meeting this schedule. Due to the fact that EMC was a local contractor the general relied on us heavily to do more scope that was originally contracted.

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