Beaver/Dale Improvements - CMAR Ph I & II

Beaver/Dale Improvements - CMAR Ph I & II
City of Flagstaff
EMC Role
CMAR Contractor
WLB Engineering

Project Overview

Phase 1 Utility Improvements consist of upgrading the existing water main and water services in Beaver St., upgrading the existing water services and extending stubbed out water mains in Dale Ave., upgrading select existing sections of sewer main, upgrading the existing sewer services, installing new underground traffic signal conduit in Beaver St., and installing new street lights with underground electric on Beaver St.

Phase 2 roadway improvements consist of upgrading the underground storm water system in Sullivan Ave. and Hunt Ave. from Beaver St. to Humphreys St. to improve drainage, rebuilding the roadway section on Beaver St., rebuilding portions of the roadway section on Dale Ave. to relieve the extreme cross slope, milling and overlaying the roadway on Dale Ave. where possible, replacing select curb and gutter, replacing select concrete sidewalk, replacing select sidewalk ramps, and resetting tree grates and select sidewalk brick in the downtown area on Beaver St.

According to the City of Flagstaff the Construction Manager at Risk (CMAR) method of procurement was selected to expedite the design and construction schedule and to accommodate complex sequencing of construction activities for a complex project with limits in an established neighborhood and the downtown district.  Eagle Mountain Construction was selected by a panel of six evaluators, by an unanimous vote.

  • Remove & Replace ~ 10,000 SY's asphalt pavement; plus 3,800 SY's mill & overlay
  • Remove & Replace ~10,000 LF of curb & gutter; and 17,000 SF of sidewalk
  • 3,500 LF of new 12" & 8" C-900 Water Line
  • 60 new water services
  • 10 new fire hydrants
  • 650 LF of new 10" & 8" SDR-35 & DIP Sewer Line
  • 50 new sewer services
  • 750 LF of new 18" & 24" ADS & CMP Storm Drain; with 5 catch basins
  • 5 New Street lights

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